The New Terrorist Bogeymen Are The Far Right White Supremacists

January 6th is the new September 11th, make no mistake about that. When the history books talk about this “dark day” and tell you how white supremacist terror cells “organised” an assault on the American capitol and committed atrocities against the foundations of democracy, remember that it was actually a rag-tag collective of very bored and frustrated outsiders lead by a man dressed as some modern-day equivalent of a Hun.

For years they have been dropping seeds into the public conscious, prepping us all for the day they get gifted the right opportunity to turn the war on terror 180, and finally make us not only suspicious and afraid of very small minority groups like Muslims (in the Western world that is) but now to be suspicious and afraid of the ethnic majority groups, or anyone who is labelled “white” (you can be internally white now, like a secret Muslim).

Every person is capable of wrong-speak, all the correct trigger words and signs have been collected and drilled into your scattered brain; Pepe the frog, the ok sign, far right, nazi, white supremacist, all lives matter, red-pilled, Qanon, Proud boys, alt right. The realms of possibility are now endless, domestic white terrorists are all around us, they’re small business owners, they like patriotism, they like reduced immigration, they are populists, brexiteers, they call people snowflakes and talk about post-modernist woke agendas. They are Al Qaeda and ISIS, Milo is Jihadi John and Donald Trump is Osama Bin Laden. 

Just like when they put pressure on social media platforms, banks, businesses, investment funds, hosting servers, to clamp down on allowing Islamic terrorists to spread their message and funnel their donations from sympathisers, they have done the same to Trump himself already. Qanon and the Proud Boys are already lined up to be terrorist organisations, despite the ridiculous nature of their activities, they are now so terrifying that even mentioning their name will have eyebrows raising and reports being made to relevant authorities. This has been in the works for ages, I warned everyone, I saw it coming, and here it is.

As tongue in cheek as this piece of writing may seem, it’s depressing in it’s seriousness, this is happening, and you won’t even realise in two years that it’s ridiculous, because the mythical monsters the media and governing establishments have created will have plot after plot “foiled”, and every conceivable attack will now be attributed to them, no matter how small or insignificant.

The terrorists did not go away, they shape shifted into different forms, it’s ideology, but not religious this time, though most people labelled far right and so on are likely to be church going people, or at least people who write “thoughts and prayers” in their social media posts. You already know who they are, because the establishment and their useful idiot army will be screaming online and pointing fingers towards them. And don’t get it twisted, the violence will escalate, and they will say “I told you sos, this is the biggest threat to all of us.” It’s terribly convenient, and it’s orchestration is despicably well crafted.

We have a very unique set of circumstances on our hands that will play a delicious part in this ludicrous narrative (though it’s not so ludicrous, because it is happening, if you don’t think it is, enjoy Guantanamo).

At present there are vast numbers of people locked in their homes, many of them small business owners, financially devastated by Covid-19,. These people support the bad orange man, and are skeptical of lockdowns, skeptical of the election, and have been silenced and deplatformed because they share dangerous information and have views that are in need of re-education. These people have been silenced, bankrupted, and feel cheated, they have little else going for them, nothing to lose, and plenty of them are armed. The potential for violence is highly likely, and inevitable. These acts, whether protests that turn to riots or out-right attacks will be examples of terrorism, and the problem will grow and grow, the narrative increasing in it’s strength.

The sickest joke in my lifetime has played out before my very eyes, and I cannot quite believe we are now seeing it’s fruits ripened and picked from the tree. After 9/11 many new laws, like the Patriot act, were put in place to combat Islamic extremism, people warned us this was a terrible idea and a very slippery slope, those that condoned it said it was for their own good and made such bonkers statements as “if you’re not doing anything wrong, what you got to worry about?”.

Many of those very people will now be on a watch list, why? Because the fear machine kept ramping up the hysteria about Islamic terrorism, we begged for more measures, we didn’t care what liberties we gave away, we were becoming more scared and needed more protection. In turn anti-Islamic sentiment grew, and those that it affected would later be labeled Islamophobes, and now they have become the so called “far right”.

Somehow, the establishment managed to create one terrorist bogeyman which would create a new terrorist bogeyman to replace it. They didn’t miss a trick or opportunity, and 2018, when I really started paying close attention, they made the big move. The year before they told us there were tens of thousands of Jihadis on their watch, all waiting to strike, and they didn’t have the manpower or resources to combat it, and terror attacks were happening left, right, and centre. Then barely a year later, these terrorists had magically disappeared and it was the far right that was now the biggest threat.

I didn’t get how they could pull that off, there were and still aren’t any major figures or organisations that can be pointed to and labelled as the white supremacist version of ISIS. There were a few sporadic lone lunatic attacks, such as in Christchurch, but these didn’t spark the imagination or the collective fear needed to give up more of our rights.

I was naive I suppose, because Trump supporters and populists and their various factions were the new ISIS. I didn’t realise that we had become so sanitised and pampered that we didn’t need a 9/11 scale attack to back any new authoritarian invasion on our liberties. January 6th has been enough, and it was at the perfect time, as the establishment had already seen how easily they could lock people in their own homes and crush their livelihoods over the fear of the bat flu, this event was perfect timing. One thing you must admire and understand is that they are very well prepared and patient, when the opportunity comes, they have everything in place to act quickly, and without mercy. 

If you read, listen or watch my material, you will know that I repeat these things often, and I will continue to do so. That’s because I know how they have done it, so to counter their lunacy, I must do it too. And so should you. The only way to cement the truth in people’s minds is to keep saying the same message, that’s how they dumbed down your friends, and possibly you. You must also be responsible and sensible, and not be seduced by the childish desire to buy into lunatic conspiracy theories, this is how you lose.

The establishment is not the illuminati, they didn’t do any red flag operations, they didn’t do 9/11, Q is just a letter, and Antifa are just a lose collective or losers. These events aren’t planned, they are prepared for and anticipated, the best thing you can do is learn from their discipline and know you too must be skilled and prepared for the opportunity that comes your way (I can do Gary V content when I want).

There are plenty of people who will believe 9/11 is an inside job but also believe that this current situation is valid, and the many variables of people who condemned Muslim persecution but are fine with the persecution of Trumpers and Brexiteers. Remind them that this has been playing out right in front of them, and if they don’t get it, tell them to make the most of their trip to Guantanamo or Belmarsh, because the hardline right wingers who supported everything Bush did are now finally finding it biting them on the arse. Everyones time comes.

It’s not just me who’s been saying this, Glen Greenwald sees it exactly as it is, so does Michael Malice, two very different people ideologically, but two people who understand the script that’s being dramatised. It makes me feel better, because it seemed like surely I couldn’t be the most informed and awake person on planet earth (we’d all be doomed if that was the case). 

All hail the new age of terrorism, where you too can be labelled a potential suicide bomber (and if you’re Muslim, welcome to a well deserved break).

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