Some Content Creators Are More Equal Than Others

I’m always aware of the glaringly obvious double standards perpetuated by legacy media, certain political figures, and the left wing political cult members on Twitter. They never seem to be self-aware enough that, to the more informed members of planet earth, their ridiculous habit of chopping and changing their position on all kinds of issues is so painfully obvious that they have become a tedious unfunny and played out joke. I think they are so oblivious to how we can see them base any moral conclusion merely on if they life the people or not. Much like a well man-scaped musical theatre aficionado in a sparkly crop top with matching pink cowboy hat at a straight-pride rally, they are in a-most transparent closet.

At the tail-end of 2020, YouTube, a company often lambasted for its flip-flopping on standards, were once again accused of showing ridiculous double standards. Belle Delphine, a young lady whose career is built off of fleecing young boys who want to drink used bath water, was terminated from YouTube due to one music video creation of hers. An entire back-catalogue of filth was erased forever, with her ability to continue to earn on the platform obliterated. In this music video, the bastion of entertainment was showing off and bouncing her batty consistently, and a lot of the times covered in various colours of paint. 

Though this kind of content would certainly be demonitized and age restricted, the face that it got her completely deplatformed was a little harsh. Many of her contemporaries cried out about double standards, because YouTube is awash with far more raunchy music videos, featuring far more battys, bouncing far more frequently. The music video that inspired Belle’s creation, Tekashi 6ix9ine’s “Gooba”, is even more obscene and features an abundance of batty’s covered in paint, that any young boy would happily bust his venom spitter to. In fact, every new video released by 6ix9ine since his release from prison has been a marvellous colourful filth-fest. Some pointed out that another dirty music video, the worldwide his “WAP” by Megan Dee Stallion and Cardi B, was number one on the trending page, and was rightfully pointed out to be proper naughty. You would have no problem finding raunchy videos on YouTube, as this has become somewhat the only standard in modern hip-hop music video production. 

Not only are these music videos promoted by the platform and have never been removed due to any complaint from human nor google-bot, these videos aren’t even age restricted. This means anyone from any age group can click on them and find their mind blown away by the power of big batty’s bouncing on screen. When people call out the double standard they are missing a very important point: there’s one rule for them and another for you. Over the last few years it’s become popular to make comparisons with George Orwell’s “1984”. People love pointing out that the banning of terms, re-imagining of language, and the passing of bonkers new laws are like something straight out of that book. I think they’ve been referencing the wrong book, because on a daily basis I see examples that are straight out of “Animal Farm”, in particular the mantra adopted by the horrid pigs who rule animal farm, “all animals are created equal, but some are more equal than others.” 

YouTube, like many other large influential online platforms, have been on the receiving end of legacy media hit pieces for years. YouTube have constantly had to play catch up with what legacy media deem to be acceptable or deplorable, it’s been a non-stop campaign to smear and cripple the website that is taking away the audience that they believe belongs only to them. In turn, YouTube have played ball each time, reducing the capabilities of many creators, and outright deplatforming many others.

Now YouTube trending and recommendations are stuffed with corporate media and the whores whose faces represent them, the legacy media club have done everything they can to become the number one content on the platform. The music industry is very much part of the legacy media corporate landscape; it’s a notoriously monopolised industry, with about 12% of it made up of independent record labels, and the other 88% owned by only four record labels. And these big four labels are owned by other massive media corporations, like Universal and Warner Bros, and in turn these massive corporations are owned by mega corporations. YouTube themselves are owned by Google, who are owned by Alphabet. This is the elite club, and though YouTube are members now, they aren’t exactly welcome with open arms, but they’re in the club none-the-less and they have to do as they are told.

These music artists who can release whatever saucy music video content they like with impunity are properties of the club, and the club has their own rules, and you have, a mere schlub, have to follow the rules they tell you to follow, which consistently change on an almost daily basis. You are not in the club, therefore you don’t get to talk about, show, or do the things that the club members and their pawns can. They can show nudity, they can show violence, they can discuss homosexuality and crimes of rape without ever having to worry about that dollar sign turning red and one day logging into an account that’s about to be terminated. This is one example of many of how there is a club with their own rules, and to say they have double standards misses the point, only you can have double standards, their standard is doing as they please. 

You might be a content creator with not much personality nor talent, but possess a fantastic batty, and decide to make Primark haul videos on your channel, with a focus on thongs and g-strings and clap your flabby booty cheeks into the camera for purpose of a “booty clap” rating system. This is just filth, and I would have no issue with it, but they will bounce you out the door faster than the Bangladeshi sweat shop walls implode on its child slaves that produced those Primark booty shorts.

They would say it’s because not art, unlike the “Anaconda” music video by Nicki Minaj, and they are fully aware that “Anaconda” is righteous trash, bubblegum pop rap that brings nothing but misery to its listeners. That music video is being played with the sound off, because no-one cares for that tune, they do care about the big domes of meat that Nicki sits on day after day, that makes them happy. It holds about as much artistic integrity as your “booty clap-o-meter” but you aren’t owned by Universal music group, and therefore, you have broken the terms of service, terms of service Nicki’s investors never had to sign. 

This is how it is, and they all know this, and it’s time people stopped playing themselves and acknowledge that there is a pecking order, and they are at the bottom. The only energy you should be applying is how to make a change, and this doesn’t involve changing them and their industry, it involves making something else. But if you do want to make your Primark g-strong haul soft-core porn, there is Only Fans, and no-one’s cancelling Only Fans.

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