Membership Levels

Supporting any creator has to be a two way thing. Your subscription payments help me financially, and in return for this generosity, I have to provide quality content that you enjoy and benefit from.

The greatest thing about independent support is that it enables me to be as uncompromising as I should be. Too many creators are unable to be as transparent and honest as they want because of conflict of interests with advertisers, sponsors, and the platforms who distribute them.

Your support is my bread and butter, and any sponsors, advertisers, and affiliates, are just nice little bonuses. If they don't like what I have to say, then so long, because it is YOU who I serve, not them.

What do you get?

         YOU GET:

  • Exclusive Videos 
  • Memoirs of a Martian Blog
  • Fiction - access short stories, and work in progress fiction
  • Live Stream Back Catalogue
  • Members Only Page - get access to the membership page and the exclusive delights that hide there.
  • Subscriber Emails
  • Condition of Culture Podcast


£9.99 per month:


  • 0 F***s Given Podcast - this simply stands for Zero Fucks Given, which should tell you everything. Once a month I just unload in an epic rant that is unsuitable for the uninitiated.
  • Lunacy Page Access - this exclusive members page is full of unique surprises and content that features myself that you would have had no idea existed.
  • Video Exclusives - There is an abundance of video content available to Ballers, from unreleased videos, rough cuts that never made it, exclusive Vlogs, and videos that don't deserve to be seen by the masses.
  • Forum - a space for you and the other ballers to connect in privacy
  • Ballers Stream


£229.99 per year.


  1. Bosses Only Stream - a long interactive stream once a month where you can call or zoom in, or whatever you do, and have some quality shit talking time with me whilst I drink fancy drinks.
  2. Bosses Only Discord - the Discord is for a small inner circle, and a place where anything can be discussed and asked.
  3. Planet Rebus NFT - the Rebus digital art collections are something unique and all Bosses will get one exclusive piece from one of the collections. These could be worth anything between £0.0001 and £20,000,000 in a few years.
  4. The Unreleased - some projects I have made will never see the light of day. Scripts, videos, stories, songs, articles, death threats, there's a bunch of them. I don't want them to sit in obscurity, so you can have access to them, you big old boss.