Art By Rebus

Art is subjective, and NFT's even more so. Creating NFT art is about the future of the technology for artists and creatives. Right now, in 2022, most of these apes in silly hats and cute pixel felines will be worthless in a few years.

This technology, however, will not be. I want to use this art to do what great art should do: cause a strong reaction. I have no interest in throwaway shit or following silly trends. It all starts with artwork and leads to something bigger: film, books, whole worlds.

Whether this makes millions of 50 baht, I don't care, I just want it out there, making some people smile and others scream.

Realitism #1 - Re-educate 1

Realitism #1

Those who choose to believe in reality are condemned by those who have been conditioned to escape it. If you choose reality, all you are guilty of is realitism, a made up term for a world fulled by made up problems.

teacher is poison
mary my thot

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