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The Big Ideas of Politicians Should Be Reserved for Instagram Influencers

The Big Ideas of Politicians Should Be Reserved for Instagram Influencers

The Big Ideas of Politicians Should Be Reserved for Instagram Influencers

It is has become increasingly obvious to me that those who inform us, tell us what to do, and enforce policies are actually people who have no expertise.

Idealistic dream-weavers have taken positions that ought to be occupied by experts and pragmatists, people who study in the fields that dictate what should be done, people who can objectively make decisions and plan out the best methods to solves our problems. But instead of facts, we get feelings and aspiration memes, politicians, media personalities, and activists spew out drivel on a daily basis that should be on a vacuous Instagram influencers post feed, not written down by bureaucrats and enforced as policy that shapes our lives.

Instead of looking into the very real complexities of life, they choose to use a sequence of words and catch phrases that have about as much depth as a pool of tears left behind by a crocodile. When confronted with the task of solving the economic disparities of particular groups, they don’t bother to examine the abundance of contributing factors that cause the issue, no, instead they prefer to pick out a simple abstract cause, such as “racism” or “sexism”, and tell the people they will make policies that will eradicate these things. But racism and sexism, like many different bigotries, are way too abstract to be tackled.

When confronted with the task of lifting people out of poverty, instead of examining the various factors that lead people into abject poverty, they decide it’s much easier to just give people money, because they seem to think the supply of cash is infinite, and that it must grow on some tree somewhere, but they have never seen this tree, but they heard it exists so many times that they convinced themselves it’s real. We have people making decisions about economics who have no understanding of its basics, we have people making decisions about strategies to combat pandemics that have no clear understanding of virology, or even simple logistics.

These are the people with power. If these people worked for a business that provides the world with product innovation, we would find ourselves owning iPhones that have cerated edges that cut your fingers every time you reach into your pocket or handbag. These phones would also have a battery twice the size of the device that commonly oozes acid because the designer couldn’t be bothered to create more than one idea in his twelve second brain storming session.

These people are making decisions that affect every aspect of your daily life, there is so much regulation and policy inspired by abstraction from low-IQ dreamers that I am surprised the whole system of society has not spontaneously set on fire yet. It really is time we told the government to keep its nose out of most things, because politics will never attract greatness, it just attracts people who want to be liked and have idealistic and simplistic perceptions of a complex world. They are managers, they should just manage.

The best talent a politician has is to read what the people feel and repeat it back to them with a catchy slogan, there is little else they are equipped to do. A politician would be a better game show host or wedding party MC than they would an NLP practitioner or financial analyst, this is why the Obamas are producing documentaries and Tony Blair goes around talking to rooms of people, they could never be trusted to do something innovative or complicated.


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