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50 Cent Gets Cancelled for Tax Purposes

50 Cent Gets Cancelled for Tax Purposes

When I saw 50 Cent post a picture on Instagram of Joe Biden’s tax plans for selected states, 50’s comments did not surprise me. A huge tax bill of over 60% for the state 50 calls home was never going to be a popular policy for a man who has done everything he can to make sure his money is never taken from him. 50 Cent once declared bankruptcy for the sole purpose of not having to pay any money out to angry adversaries trying to sue him.

Curtis Jackson is a man who doesn’t care about what you think or your feelings, he is a driven self made individual who protects his bag. He’s not going to be keen on any idea that sees the government entitled to more of your money than you are. In the end, no-one really cares as much about personality as they do policy. No-one cares if Gillette are super sound to women, they want to shave their faces without slicing open their chins. So 50 Cent saying he would vote for Trump is unsurprising. But we must also remember that 50 is a tier one troll. 

50 Cent has said countless crazy things, often applying a zero chill approach, this statement related to tax bills is far from his craziest. Regardless of whether his tongue was poking his bullet ridden cheek, the hit pieces came in faster than Michael Johnson on a non-drug testing day.

I happened to see a Facebook post circulated to a hip hop group by Cracker-damus himself, Sean King. Sean had decided that the very day 50 had made such a comment that it was time to expose him. Sean ranted on about a photo of 50 posing with a man who King claimed was the most corrupt NYPD officer of all time, and a friend of 50’s. He went on in detail about the various crimes committed by this officer, finishing with how 50 should essentially be cancelled.

I’ll cut to the chase on this. Sean King had no incentive to let the world know about 50’s so called friend who had committed so many alleged crimes as a Police officer before 50 decided to make a quick statement, that may even be a joke, about voting Trump.

The hit pieces flew out so fast it took my breath away, and virtuous outrage mob of the hip-hop fandom community followed like good little Maoist hate mobs in attacking 50. This almost throw away comment, much like many of Trumps comments that were used as so called proof of his bigotry, was enough to lead to all out character assassination.

The left side of the aisle are very much the same as deranged Jihadis, once you leave you are an apostate who must be terminated. 50 Cent has a long history of endorsing corporate whore politicians, much like many other rick celebrities, but they were on team “good” so that was acceptable. Ice Cube just said he went with the political party who came with the best offer, which is what a good business decision is usually based on, but that was not OK, he was a traitor to The Cathedral and is now Benedict Arnold once again. It’s astonishing how fast they act to destroy people, and if there was ever a more blatant example of just how vile they are, this is surely the one. 

Not only does it expose their disgust for free thinking and wanting leverage, it also reveals it to a community synonymous with the black community. The hip-hop world was built on the underdog spirit and always had choice words for those who wanted to silence them.

From 2 Live Crew to NWA to 2Pac to Eminem, they establishment has done everything it can to silence and censor the art form. Now you have two very successful artists who have transcended being just rappers to media and business moguls, who have endured attacks from not just people in their musical and living communities, but also from the mainstream press and politicians, under attack from the whole left wing establishment.

Two artists who have donated and campaigned for this Cathedral and been embraced by all those who keep it in power. And yet, with a single Tweet or Instagram post, they are now to be cancelled. This may be a pinnacle moment where that hip-hop community sees how it all really works, and that community is at forefront of culture.

This could be a monumental event that shifts the entire political spectrum, because once that community see the left aisle for what it really is, their influence may just spread the message, and you might just see a very different mindset by 2024. 

Or maybe not. That’s what should happen, but whether it does, who knows. But what is clear is that two men who have faced cancellation from all sides for decades, who have overcome every attack imaginable to keep on an upward path to glory, may find themselves meeting their match. Irv Gotti did all he could to prevent 50 from getting a foot in the door, the gunmen who shot him 9 times almost stopped him from breathing and lost him a record deal, and others tried all they could to label 50 a snitch, but he survived it.

But 50 lives in the mainstream realm now, he has TV shows, TV deals, movie deals, book deals, product endorsements, and 50 has never had to properly face the full brunt of the NPC media and their henchmen. Looking back at every troll and aggressive move 50 has made over the years may make him seem like he can’t be cancelled, but they have never had a reason to drag all up to the kangaroo court of bad public opinion before. He’s got enough dirt to have a monumental public shaming, and regardless of whether Starz know exactly who they are doing business with, once the court of public opinion makes it’s demands, we may see 50 getting cancelled left right and centre. 

9 bullets couldn’t kill him, but suggesting he’d vote for Trump because he prefers his tax policies just might.


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