Many people like and condone violence

Violence is a funny old pass time, it’s as equally detested as it is enjoyed. The rhetoric spouted by establishment media over the last year has been to make noise, get your voice heard, show them all how mad you are. Some of these Bozo’s have repeatedly made the case that protests aren’t supposed to be peaceful, but perhaps these people don’t differentiate between what constitutes a riot and a protest. 

There’s always been excuse making for when things turn “ugly”, because the young are frustrated and mad, yes this is true, they love breaking stuff, but it’s only supported when those who like to regulate opinion agree with their cause. The storming of the Capitol building was one such incident they didn’t like, mainly because it was done in support of their biggest bogeyman. The violence is unacceptable they said, name and shame those involved, have them locked up immediately they cried. The censorship and cancelling spree that followed was unsurprising, this is how it always goes down, they don’t need too many excuses to silence those they disagree with. 

With all that said, I’m not interested in these double standards right now, what I’m curious about is this disdain for violence. People fucking love violence. The majority enjoy watching one form or another, and a smaller majority love engaging in it, and then a small minority love instigating it (but never would engage in such a thing, that’s for animals). We love violent video games, we love action movies, we love boxing and martial arts spectacles, we love gathering round a drunken brawl outside a kebab house on a Saturday night. We just fucking love it. And for those of us who avoid violence consistently, like myself, we still enjoy fantasising about knocking some cunt the fuck out. 

Football firms, or hooligans to those of you with a delusions of behavioural superiority, love fighting. They love it more than they hate other football teams and their supporters. Turning the other cheek isn’t an option, it’s not part of culture, unless the cheek is being turned so you can bang it into next Christmas. Football firms have been condemned and persecuted since I can remember, but the fact is most of them are only punching other people who love punching. To say that this kind of behaviour has no place in our modern society is ridiculous, people fight all the time, and those who are constrained by the values of civil society don’t half love breaking free and smashing people and things up once they have “the legitimate excuse”. 

Nature itself is violent, it’s cruel and unforgiving, a lion looks majestic and we all cry when a mean old hunter shoots one dead and poses with its corpse on Instagram, but that fucking lion would tear up a toddler without a second thought. The popular theory about the creation of the universe is the big bang, and nothing screams violent terror more than a big old bang. 

I just realised something, and that is I said I wouldn’t be going into the double standards because I realise that that’s a vital point. Back in the naughties I can remember the so called epidemic of gun and knife violence amongst young black boys, and how this was a huge issue that needed to be resolved. Politicians and the media would, and still do, condemn this epidemic and talk about how cheap life had become. But when a situation such as a dispute between angry young men is resolved with the simplicity of execution, how do you expect them to interoperate such a message of condemnation from people who consistently justify state sponsored violence.

There’s always war in the streets, war that has been criminalised by the state, but in the modern age when we’re so use to being exposed to the constant violence carried out at the request of politicians and the media, two groups who would never engage in such things themselves, how can you tell people what they do is wrong and what you advocate for is justified? 

If someone bangs your girlfriend, do you not have the right to seek justice the same as if a man blows up a building in your city? There’s no law against banging another mans girlfriend, but more people in society, I would argue, would have sympathy for a man who killed another man over such an offence than they would have for a drone pilot who blows up a wedding.

I know this kind of talk sounds like the what-about-isms vomited out by clueless keyboard activist types, but that misses the point. Most people have a simpler view of the world, and therefore become very confused and enraged by the double standards of those who tell them how they should behave. Violence isn’t a dirty word, same as hate, but it’s called dirty when it’s not done by order of the establishment, and that’s why there’s such a huge disconnect. These Bozo’s get to pick and choose what violence is ok, whilst the rest of us, the poor schlubs of society, have no say in the matter. Soldiers and the Police apparently commit some kind of civilised violence, whilst Gaz and Leyton brawling outside Kebab Magic on a piss stinking high street are thugs and in need of re-education. 

As simplified as this all is, and this is written from head to page without filter, it’s another example of one rule for us and another for you. Because you can get jail time for inciting a riot on social media, many have, but when a media organisation or politician rallies for military intervention in a foreign land, they get promotions and highly paid speaking gigs without having to answer to their crimes of inciting the brutalisation of millions of people. I say let’s have no more of that now, these double standards are played out. Just admit you love the violence and drama as much as any member of the 6:57 crew. You have more blood on your hands than any Q Anon supporter on Parler.

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