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The Big Lady Buddha of Danang


Sometimes, you just gotta do the touristy things.

The Lady Buddha of Danang is located inside the Linh Ung Pagoda courtyard on the Son Tra Peninsula, around 8km from where I stay in My An, Danang. She stands at around 220 feet tall and is one of the most famous attractions in Danang as well as holding the prestigious title of being the tallest Lady Buddha in Vietnam (I do not know who the second tallest is, but I imagine she is a little salty). The Lady Buddha looks out onto the sea and is said to bring peace and protection to the local sailors.

I had been meaning to visit the Lady Buddha for quite sometime, but like Christopher Moltesanti and the Volcano near Naples, I had never gotten around to it. However on a very hot day in late June, I finally made the journey to see the grand Lady Buddha and see what all the mild fuss was about. This was not my first experience of visiting a big Buddha, but it was my first encounter of a big lady Buddha…

  • Opening Times: unlisted (and unsurprising)

    You can visit all day long as far as I am aware.

  • Best Time to Go?

    There are less tourists there in the afternoon, but you will have to deal with the afternoon heat. Sunsets there are amazing, so aim to get the sites done by around 18:00 and enjoy.

  • Things to Be Aware Of?

    There's a lot of monkeys there. If, like me, that's your thing, all good. If not, proceed with monkey caution


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