Dr Bozo Writes Yawn-some Hit Piece About Odysee

I’m so, so, so tired. Proper tired and weary. Since I first embarked on making videos for the online video platform that calls itself YouTube, I have witnessed first hand its descent  into the realm of ridiculousness. The constant hit pieces and pandering to spineless advertisers has seen it go from a platform for free expression and creativity to a corporate overlord of censorship, devoid of humour and nuance. During these years I have always been on the look out for an alternative platform that isn’t consistently chopping and changing its algorithm to force us into horrific echo-chamber addiction and suppress anything that dares to be challenging or even dares to reject formulaic content repetition in order to please the algorithm and stay “relevant”. 

I found Vid.me, a nice little platform that was easy to use and get some juicy views. That platform didn’t last long, sleep well my sweet princess. Then came along Bitchute and Minds, though Minds is a mixture of social media platform and video host, it was fantastic to have some new outlets. I didn’t really care if Bitchute was touted as a free speech alternative, anything that is an alternative to YouTube is something I’m keen on. It didn’t take long for the hit pieces to roll out against these platforms, the same type of hit pieces rolled out against YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook. But unlike those platforms, Minds and Bitchute did not cower to their pressure, mainly because of their business models being quite different. 

Now in 2021 as more and more people have been conditioned to the second age of irrational fear, the first being Islamic extremism (now replaced with far right extremism), they have become an army of useful-useless idiots touting the same stupid talking points that their masters command them to. They see anyone who uses an alternative, whether it’s Gab, Parler, Minds, or Bitchute, as part of a network of extremists who are hell bent on bringing Hitler back from the dead so he can breath fire on all minorities. 

A new platform has emerged that I am on and very keen on, and that platform is Odysee. Odysee is the web version of Lbry, a blockchain protocol that allows you to share and monetise content with freedom. Lbry is part of the beautiful decentralised future, and I strongly urge you to support it (for all our sakes!). Odysee is barely a quarter of a year in age and already some government stooge has decided to trail-blaze the war against it with a most un-original and yawn-some hit piece. Odysee doesn’t really tout itself as a free speech option or even a conservative option like some platforms do. Odysee is a platform built by people who believe in the freedom of the blockchain that cuts out the money swallowing middle men who have been a pain in my harris since I became a semi-adult. I couldn’t give two shits if Odysee was a platform that censored the crap out of my content, it’s an alternative, and fortunately an alternative that allows people the freedom to make their decisions, something the government does not like and something they have forced us to be terrified of. 

By chance I discovered this hit piece on gnet-research.org, the Global Network on Extremism & Technology. This network claims it’s an independent but industry-funded initiative for better understanding, and counteracting, terrorist use of technology. A quick browse through their website and you will see there is some stuff about Isis, the out of date terrorist model, and the far right, the new sexy but not scary model. Bear in mind that these types of organisations have all veered towards the zeitgeist of far right terrorism, something so vague and un-quantifiable you’re better off trying to prove the existence of woodland sprites. Al Qaeda was an impressive concoction of a small number of facts and a huge dollop of nonsense, but the new far right bogeyman makes Al Qaida look almost factual. They say they are independent, which I assume they are not referring to their thoughts, which I can believe, but what on earth is industry backed? What is their industry, what does that even mean? The industry of concocted fear? CIA? MI5? Who cares, they’re all doing their dirty work now, paid or unpaid.

One of the contributors, a supposed Dr named Eviane Leidig, wrote a hit piece on Odysee in mid February titled “Odysee: The New YouTube For The Far Right”. Upon reading this headline my blood boils every time. Because to be quite frank, go fuck yourself Eviane. Every new platform that’s an alternative to the establishment online media monopoly is a far right alternative. Can we not have a new and exciting alternative without you un-informed douche-wads peddling your hate? It’s always bizarre to me that these hit piece writers, whether journalists or think-tank employed failures, constantly call out hate by being top-tier haters. All due respect Eviane, take your hate somewhere else, it has no place here. So what does she have to say? Do we care? We shouldn’t, but for the sake of fun and mockery, something modern day journalists, activists and fact-checkers cannot even process due to their AI programming being extremely crude.

This colossal Bozo who calls herself a Dr, doesn’t say too much apart from laying out what Odysee is and how it works. She even states it’s not “inherently” a platform for far-right or extremist content creators. But she still can’t help herself and say that it’s an attractive option for YouTuber’s who have been banned by YouTube. To this I say so what? If she had even bothered to research and understand how bad YouTube has become for some content creators she would know to shut her mouth. How tiresome it is to hear the constant dribbling opinions of the un-informed blabbing on about subjects they have no experience of. You can get booted off YouTube for some very bizarre reasons, because like most of these platforms, their T.O.S. Only applies to those they are cool with, hence why Belle Delphine got the boot for having a sexy music video that wasn’t as sexy as videos created by artists signed to major labels. 

Dr Bozo continues to name drop three people who are on Odysee who part of the imaginary “far-right spectrum”. Jordan Peterson, Elijah Schaffer, and Tarl Warwick (Styxhexenhammer666). Really? These are terrifying extremist examples you have on hand? I find it funny how Jordan Peterson is problematic because he wants young men to become responsible adults, how is that a fucking far-right problem? Oh, government control I suppose. They really don’t like you flying the coup, the government are very prone to severed cases of empty nest syndrome. Just put those three names side by side with three big names from the age of Islamic extremist fear mongering: Abu Hamza, Anjem Choudary, and Jihadi John. Just stop it now already. 

What Dr Bozo really has a problem with is quite clear, and whether that’s her own thoughts or not does not matter because she has not done any proper research ever in her life (this is clear because she ignores the scope of popular channels on Odysee and their diversity of content), is that she doesn’t like Odysee because it’s free from government regulation. That’s a good thing, ask the thousands of Muslims who needlessly persecuted for two decades how they feel about government regulation and surveillance and they’ll tell you twice. Dr Bozo says Odysees guidelines against incitement of violence or hatred against a particular group is not allowed is a problem because she is someone who doesn’t like the fact that humans can self regulate without interference from oppressive governments and their legion of bullshit institutions. I don’t recall there being a problem with the incitement of hatred against the working classes, Brexit supporters, and MAGA memers when they said we should all punch a nazi.

She says there’s danger of extremist content and propaganda being spread, and not the extremist propaganda enforced upon us by governments and security services. But she also has a book coming out, a book that I am sure will be very well researched and not a piece of propaganda to encourage more government powers and intrusions on our privacy from the CIA and MI5 and 6. Apparently her book, or overpriced chip shop wrapping if you prefer, is about alt-right influencers. Brilliant, I’m sure that’s really nuanced.

Dr Bozo would have a big problem with this very piece of writing, she’d say it’s an attack on her character and that I don’t know anything about her work and haven’t done the research. Too right lady, this is a hit piece, make no mistake, but I don’t hide behind the bullshit crusade against hate to enforce oppressive laws on decent human beings when I write my hit pieces. I just want a better version of what we have, the internet dream has been corroded by people just like Dr Bozo and she, like all the others, parade around telling us they are the good guys. They are not and have never been. Her hatred is on display, and my hatred for this tiresome nonsense is too, but I swear and make jokes so therefore I’m probably a bad person. Like I give a fuck Bozo. She’d have peoples books burned, I’d have her book sneezed on replaced back in the bargain bin.

These people are so boring and predictable now, when will they just go away and do something worthwhile like collect the fucking bins (all love and respect to bin gents and ladies, go get that pay rise) because your books were printed to line them. 

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