Gorilla glue and taking responsibility

If you spray glue on your head that's on you.

If you have been paying attention to important world events, by now you will know that crypto-currency is experiencing a massive boom, people who make memes are terrorists, and a silly American girl sprayed gorilla glue onto her hair.

The gorilla glue girl, or Triple G as I will call her, if you don’t know, decided that in order to make her hair-do more refined and sleek, she would use gorilla glue to achieve the desired look. Gorilla glue, if you don’t know, is more known for its super sticky properties, enabling everyday Joes and Janes to glue materials such as metal, wood, glass, and stone, and regularly used for household repairs and building projects. It has not, and will never, been recommended by hairdressers and barbers as a go to alternative to hairspray, wax, and gel.

But this girl decided to stick her finger up at convention and tell the man “not today daddy” and applied it to her barnet. It was after this that she discovered her hair was now rock hard and found washing out this might adhesive wasn’t going to happen. In her divine wisdom, she showed the results of her stupidity on the internet, a place well known for its forgiveness and support of the mentally un-equipped. 

Predictably, much ridicule and banter followed, and Triple G became a mini-media-sensation. But instead of getting a record deal as is usual, Triple G has instead decided to sue Gorilla Glue. Further ridicule followed, plus support for her actions. One bastion of intelligence tweeted (I know, of-course they did) that people couldn’t make up their minds about wanting to eat the rich because criticising Triple G’s decision to sue was socking it to the man, and Gorilla Glue could afford it.

This, of-course, was a shitty hot take. Gorilla Glue make a good product, Triple G makes bad decisions, and rewarding people for their bad decisions has become so deeply ingrained in western culture, it has almost destroyed it. The whole point about being mad at greedy banking institutions is that they don't play by the same rules we're expected to play by. When our businesses fail, we lose everything, and that's on us. When big banks and hedge funds not only lose their money but the money of entire nations, then they get bailed out. They should be taking responsibility for their failures, and become extinct as a business. Triple G suing Gorilla Glue is not an example of corporations being accountable, they did nothing wrong except respect humanity enough to use their product without being a dick about it.

The culture of not taking responsibility is rampant, and has turned us from free thinking responsible individuals into reckless, dumb, pathetic lambs. Once there was a time that you would take responsibility for our silly actions, consequences are what help us learn to do better, this has been replaced with a sinister cuddle from ambulance chaser legal firms, over-protective peers, and a welfare state that spunks out more money than a bin man who just won the Euro millions. It’s turned us into pathetic little slaves who cannot make any sensible decision without looking to some overlord or grifter to guide us in a terrible direction.

Triple G had to pay the medical bills she amassed from having to get her hair de-glued. Good. You won’t be doing that again will you. In this modern age we find ourself languishing in, we have lost site of the importance of balance. The ying and yang that balances our universe has been kicked to death like an ugly puppy on a Northampton council estate (yes, I am bashing the poor, because I fancy myself as an EU supporting Journalist). Conservatism and Liberalism are both needed in a “sound” society. 

Taking responsibility for your actions is a very good and strong conservative value that we all should take on board. At the same time, the liberal value of helping the less fortunate, such as the disabled, is a very good value, because this is modern society, and some people need help and don’t have any family support. But we have gone way too far in that direction, and somehow all responsibility has been taken away. Except for businesses, they have a responsibility to make sure stupidity and laziness doesn’t find a way to use their products in a harmful way. This is a double standard that cannot be tolerated, litigation cripples business, and small business even more so. In a time when small business is being punished for just existing, this precedent of suing every mother-fucker because of our stupidity has to be called out. We all must take responsibility.

You could argue that Triple G is mentally deficient, and therefore has a disability and must be protected by society, she does not know any better. If that’s the case, then all of us should have a special needs-short bus with flavoured windows transporting us to every destination, including our own bathroom. Nonsense. Too often people are rewarded by the state and muddy-coddling laws for being dumb and irresponsible, and we all stand around scratching our balls and lady caves wondering how the hell have people become so stupid and inept. 

I had a discussion with an American the other night, and we both found ourselves meeting at a strong bridge of consciousness. As we are both residing in a country with far less rules and regulations, no free healthcare (as in, none, if you don’t have money, you will be left to die), and no such thing as a high street ambulance chasing firms, it was mutually agreed that there is a significant price for freedom, one that both our countrymen didn’t seem to really understand anymore. In countries such Vietnam, my covid-19 haven for the past year, you can find a family of four riding around on a small moped, with babies sleeping in the foot well, with a wardrobe and six canisters of butane strapped to the back. They can do that, they are free to do so, but if it all goes wrong, and it can horrifically wrong, who they blame? No-one, it’s on them, a baby smashed to pieces and set ablaze in the street is the fault of the parents, because they chose to drive around like that. 

There are no handouts here, there are no safety nets, there are less rules. It’s freedom, and it comes at a price, just like responsibility. You don’t get to pick and choose when to be responsible. If you kill someone when you’re drunk, and would not normally commit an act that leads to someones death, you’re still going down. You are responsible for how much you drink, if you sue a bar because they let you drink so much that you killed someone, with all due respect, fuck yourself.

Triple G sprayed glue on her head, heavy duty industrial strength glue. There are labels on glue telling you not what to do, but this idiot princess decides to sue them anyway. Maybe she should also sue her school and the education department for not educating her correctly enough to function as an adult in society. Where does it really end. It ends with people taking responsibility, that’s how you don’t become a slave. We aloud too many people to shirk responsibility and get rewarded for it, from having babies, to being lazy to work, to walking into a hole in the street on purpose because there wasn’t a sign for your stupid face telling you about the hole you saw, and getting paid big for it.

Suing culture is a very American, it’s been one of the worse imports from the great nation and they can have it back. When I was run over as a child, the man who did so was very wealthy. We didn’t sue him, it wasn’t the done thing. I could have been rewarded handsomely, but even though he was driving too fast, I wasn’t paying attention. I was definitely worse off, and all he did was reach out later and ask if I’d like to take a trip in his plane. I declined, I’d seen his driving. He should have been punished a bit more, but I was punished for not paying attention, and in life you can’t spend everyday being led by the hand. I learned to stop, look, and listen, and funny enough I haven’t been run over since. I doubt this will be G’s last act of stupidity, and I also doubt she will learn any lesson, because that’s the culture we aloud to prosper. 

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