Weirdo Biscuits

An NFT collection by Rebus

Most NFT's will leave you bankrupt and looking silly. This one may make you rich or totally bankrupt, but will definitely not leave you looking silly.


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Human being's that don't quite fit the mold, who walk to the beat of their own drum, who cannot conform and act like 'regular' people, get dismissed as 'problematic'. Then come the labels, ADD, ADHD, Dyslexic, Dyspraxic, Diclectic, ODD, and so on. There is something 'wrong' with them because they aren't programmed like other people.

Then come the fixes, the pandering and condescension, and finally the suppressants. Ritalin and Adderall and other nasties. These drugs are designed to suppress the spirit and force conformity. Some of us are just 'weirdo's', and we like being weirdos, and we don't want to be like rest of you. Leave us the fuck alone.

Weirdo Biscuits represent every spark that snuffed out and all the energy that was diluted and drained from bright, energetic enigma's who don't fit in. Weirdo Biscuits are a reminder to stop pumping children full of drugs just because they don't comply and don't act how you were conditioned to think a child should act.

Weirdo Biscuits are here to represent the real one's, not the fakes and posers and wannabe victims of this world who just want attention. Weirdo's don't choose to be a weirdo, they are chosen. So why the fuck you wanna pretend to be as oppressed as us?

Weirdo Biscuits represent that it's fine being different, and theirs nothing you can do about it except appreciate it and be proud.


I created Weirdo Biscuits because I got excited by the digital art space, and inspired to start drawing again. I hadn't really had much desire to draw since school, where my passion for drawing and painting had been sucked out of me by GCSE art.

I didn't just want to create something for the sake of it (because everyone has jumped on this bandwagon), if I was going to do something, it had to resonate and make sense. It needed to have a reason to exist.

As a severely dyslexic person, I have always struggled with the fact my brain doesn't function in a way that allows me to exist in regular settings with ease. It's a gift and a curse, but more gift as it gives me the unique view on the world that I have come to enjoy.

During my childhood there was always people working for the state system trying to figure out how to 'help' me and force me into a hole that didn't recognize my shape. It was ridiculous. I saw many others who had different irrelevant labels slapped on them treated the same way, and pumped full of drugs to make them more 'manageable'.

We're not here to be managed, you just need to deal with it. That's what we do, we deal with it, and can do just fine, in fact, can do way better than most, without intervention or pharmaceutical interference.

A lot has changed since my school days, but how people like me are treated and viewed has not. All that's really changed is that a lot of imposters have joined my, and people similar to me's, club. This collection is to send a message to the world that we don't want to be like everyone else, and we are to celebrate the fact that we will never quite fit in.

And who wants to fit in anyway? Not me and I want to spread the message that others like me should never want to be like everyone else, because their world makes no sense to us and we have no use for it.

The online revolution and the next phase of blockchain has aloud people who dance to a beat other's could never hear an opportunity to shine brighter than the regular folk. I love it and I want to be help push this frontier as far as it can go.

Who the f is rebus?

I'm a writer, film-maker, content and art creator from the United Kingdom of once was Great Britain. I've lived an eventful life, which inspires my creations and shapes my world view. I lived a messy life so you don't have to. I lived a life my way, and I wouldn't change a thing.