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Knowledge & Ignorance Podcast Episode Seventeen – Too Many Groups Believe in the Same Conspiracy Theory

Nick Cannon and Wiley's antisemitic beliefs come as no surprise, especially when we live in a time where every bad thing that happens to us is attributed to one group that supposedly controls everything. At the end of the day, BLM, Feminism, and Farrakhan are all Nick Griffin.

Knowledge & Ignorance Podcast Episode Sixteen – Jihadis Minus The Testosterone

Cancel culture is a method used by an ideological group of fanatics who are enabled by the fear of a complicit mob of useless useful idiots. Though this group may be fairly small and confined to the fringes of the far left, their influence and power is wide spread and they have been aloud to gain this power through a very dangerous precedent and double standard set by our media and government institutions, fuelled by fears of the post 9/11 world.

Knowledge & Ignorance Podcast Episode Three – The Far Right Myth

Every age needs a new bogeyman. After 9/11 the Islamic fundamentalist bogeyman loomed over us for over a decade, fuelled by the media's scare mongering. Eventually a whole generation does not know what it was like before 2001 and the new age of fear. Now the media and even MI5 says the far right is the biggest threat right now. But is it really? And is Islam inspired terrorism no longer something to be concerned with?



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Spider Season

The pandemic has been nothing but sensationalist media fear mongering from the start. As lockdown's continue, so does the escalation of a new pandemic of fear and paranoia, and the affects of this will eclipse any damage caused by the virus itself.