How Did Vietnam Beat Covid Three Times?

Vietnam is one of the stand-out covid-19 success stories. Whatever your view on covid-19 (or batty sniffles as my nan would call it, if she was alive), the way Vietnam handled the situation is often mis-understood, as well as not covered enough by mainstream outlets.

It's an interesting story, and one you can be inspired by.


Can You Live in Danang for Under $400 a MONTH?

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Can You Live in Danang, Vietnam for Under $400 a MONTH?

Can You Live in Danang, Vietnam for Under $400 a MONTH?

Can You Live in Danang, Vietnam for Under $400 a MONTH?

Danang is cheap, but to live a "luxurious" and "comfortable" lifestyle for under $400 is a stretch.

You will often come across blogs and vlogs with clickbait titles, promising an depth look into how possible it is to live on a "buzzword" monetary amount. This started with "can you live in Thailand for under $600 a month", and has grown into it's own unique micro-niche. Where-as they do lay out how it can be done in these videos, they often leave out key details, and don't really know how to budget correctly or even do the research to find the best bargains. I am a man who believes in doing better.

In the video, "LIVING UNDER $400 IN DA NANG, VIETNAM | COST OF LIVING GUIDE IN DA NANG", Christian Rodriguez claims you can live a comfortable and "luxurious" lifestyle in the city of Danang Vietnam. Well I live there too and I'm gonna lay out what he gets right and what he most definitely got wrong!


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