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If you’re as fascinated and frustrated by culture, whether it’s media, art, or tribal, as I am, then you’re going to love this blog. If you think the TV, legacy media, and their celebrity voices and “works of art” aren’t spinning you a yarn and enslaving your malleable brain, then proceed with caution, or consume downers.

Short Memories and The Road to Tyranny

Having a strong long term memory is a gift and a curse, but more of a beneficial gift if we’re looking at it from a glass half full perspective. Anyone that knows me well will vouch for that, and those who don’t vouch have suffer from having terrible memories, and I’m sorry for your loss. On many occasions I have brought something up in conversation and a friend or relative will say “oh yeah, I remember that now, how did you remember that?” Yes I am blessed, and I also bless, so let me bless you all with my fabulous memory.

Since coming back to the UK for a longer visit than expected, I have noticed many changes, and most of them disgust me. They disgust me so much that I begin show signs of giving a shit, and this troubles me. I have always prided myself on how little shits I give, even my teachers remarked on that, though it wasn’t meant as a compliment, I took it as one (the glass has always been half full for me). I shouldn’t give a shit, as that’s why I left the country in the first place. The UK is overpriced, but if the price was worth paying I might stay, it’s all the other bullshit as well that confirmed my decision. I could write an epic novel on how dud my homeland has become, so I will spare you all the talking points and just point out a recent highlight.

I, like many of you, remember the start of the pandemic, but unlike most of you, I remember it very well, because I am cursed with memory. I remember clearly the videos coming from China, how horrendous, stark and terrifying they were. I also remember people’s reactions. I also remember people in my country and our kindred spirits in other western nations first reacted. It’s just influenza they said and it’s a panic over nothing. Having been consistently in contact with Chinese citizens and living in south east Asia, I wasn’t so sure about that claim. I was teaching young kids who were holed up in bunkers. I didn’t believe the Chinese were the kind to over-react to a pandemic, because after-all they are very use to this kind of thing. Roll on years later, and those very same who said don’t panic, now insist on panic, even though, with hindsight on their side, they were somewhat correct in the first place. It was me who was incorrect, but unlike them, my ego is in check and don’t have a problem with being wrong. Admitting you’re wrong will save your life. I may have been completely surrounded by East Asian culture and the nature of saving face, but I don’t need to assimilate that hard my friends.

Coming back to those terrifying videos from China, this reminds me of why I was correct about how bad it was going to get due to the public begging the government to lock them in their homes. I recall a video circulating on Twitter of a woman being pulled from a car in a city in China somewhere by Police. Her crime was to have covid. This was awful, but also something to be expected from the Chinese regime. This would never happen in my country I thought, until I saw how people were reacting to it. Amongst the correct reaction of horror, I noticed some startling praise coming from westerners. There were comments like “this is how we should deal with this.” And I understood that reaction, because these viruses are always scary, mainly due to the media’s lust for fear, and if you know someone has had it who was near you at any point, it fills you irrational paranoia. You want every diseased fuck locked up away from you, because you don’t want to be in hospital dying from bat-aids. But this is wrong, and you know it is, or you at least knew it was. From these reactions I could see something new was coming, a new future that was ripped from the pages of all my favourite dystopian fiction writers, and I wasn’t too enthused by it. In order to feel safe, people would throw everyone else under the bus and demand that the government keep them safe.

That’s exactly what happened and by March I witnessed the outcries from the British public to shut everything down. Boris Johnson said we should practice heard immunity, but the public, spurred on by the media’s love for fear induced drama, called him a murderer and person who just cared about money rather than people. The same people who now moan about the government shutting things down and imposing restrictions at the drop of a hat over and over again, are the very same who demanded this be done. Because what? China did it? You absolute clowns. I said this would end badly, and it has. Not only are these the same people who demanded lockdowns, they are also the same people who constantly yap about how the conservative government are liars and you can’t trust a single thing they say. And yet, as soon as they said jump, they ran over, cupped their balls, and asked how long they wanted to be sucked for before asking “how high.” I pity you.

The big reason I prefer to live in developing nations rather than my comfortable existence in the UK is that they understand something about personal responsibility. They understand this not because they are superior, but because they have no choice. That’s the gift of being proper poor. We’re not talking benefit hand out poor here, we’re talking being so poor that you will have to bring up your kids on the streets poor. The nanny state, as they like to call it, has reduced my country to a snivvelling entitled little shit pony that blames everyone else for their own problems and then demands someone else do something about every little thing that goes wrong in their life. How they disgust me.

I am tired of hearing about restrictions and people harping on about how we need these restrictions because people don’t take things seriously. Well, I have some news for you sweetie-plums, you can’t expect people to be responsible when you have carefully crafted a culture that rejects personal responsibility. My once impressive nation has been socially engineered into becoming a nation of screeching babies, and that includes those who call for restrictions and criticize the actions of others. I don’t know when they decided that they were somehow superior. I laugh at them.

When I arrived I was astounded by being constantly told to get vaccinated right away by people who had no issue with coughing un-masked into my air space. I was gob-smacked by being told to get vaccinated for my and everyone else’s own good by cocaine snorting half-wits who ate sausage rolls and cereal for breakfast. I was dumb-founded by being told to get vaccinated by people who had to book two seats on an aeroplane to accommodate their lack of discipline and addiction to gluttony. What a load of old shit.

From day one I did what was recommended, so much so I developed a simple habit of coughing into my elbow, as was expected. I then noticed people wondering around, terrified of everyone else, wearing their mask like they had their mother’s tit strapped to their lips. Then they’d remove mummy’s tit and cough into the air and proceed to finger their nose with an unwashed hand that had touched every onion in the supermarket vegetable aisle. These specimens considered me to be a threat to their health. Me? Mr Supplement. Mr two sauna’s a day. Mr swimming. Mr responsible. Please return to your mother’s vagina, you aren’t ready yet.

Now they say not only are the unvaccinated ruining their lives, but the unboosted are too! And they will demand the government do more and force everyone into a jab-camp and not be let out until they are fully marinated. These are the ones who Anne Frank didn’t ask for help. Make no mistake. The demand to be safe will bite them on the arse at some point in the future, and then with their impressive hindsight they will moan and groan about the evil government. It never occurs to these bell-ends that perhaps the government actually do serve the people, and that the people are dictated to by the financial turmoil of corporate media. It doesn’t really matter I suppose, because they can never learn to stand on their own when they have demanded that the government not only be their parents, but also be the decision making part of their own brain.

It’s these people, possibly even you, that put us all in danger. Freedom isn’t about safety, it’s about responsibility. Young, wild and free is a song title, freedom is not devoid of responsibility, and therefore if you choose freedom from responsibility you are merely a child, roaming around picking it’s nose and wiping snot on good people and then cry to the authorities when they punch you. They beg the government to whip their tits out and shower them with comfort milk, and then they turn on the government when they realize the milk is very sour and makes them very sick.

I was always ashamed to be white when I saw bullshit acts of racism. I was always ashamed of being British when I saw lobster-tanned idiots abusing the locals in Benidorm. I was never ashamed to be human until a scientist decided to get weird with a bat in Wuhan. Fuck these people. They can have this country. They allow the state to consume everything they have. They can deal with the consequences further down the line, and the consequences it will have on their children’s children. When they come crying, I will remind them of my superior memory, and tell them to go away. And so should you.

The price of freedom is being responsible. That means if you decide to put you balls in a toaster and electrocute your future children to death, you don’t call the hospital, sue the manufacturer and then beg the government for financial assistance to restore your balls. You just live with your stupidity and remember what not to do next time. Stop sucking on the governments tit, it’s as bad as sucking their dick.

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The Return of ISIS Shows How Desperate the Media Fear Machine Have Become

I’ve tried to quantify how I feel and struggled to accumulate the words required to express what exactly is going on. But all I’ve managed to come up with is:


These words are not profound nor are they the words of someone who’s considered to be an elite-type intellectual, and that’s ok, because they all prefer us to be fucking stupid.

Who are they? DJ Khalid’s mysterious hater mob that he constantly snap-chatted about? Maybe. I never asked him, and he never returns calls anyway. For the longest time I have tried to work out whether the legacy media influences the government and the security agencies that spy on us through our TV’s or it’s they who influence media. I came to not-so satisfying conclusion that it was both, they feed off each-other. 

But right now the legacy media appear to be leading the others with a juicy terrorism carrot. In the space of less than two weeks the new far-right terrorist narrative, now spear-headed by incels (yes, people who can’t get some ass are now considered extremist ideologues), has been blown out the public mindset and replaced with not just one old bogeyman, but three. The holy trinity of neo-con evil that we know as the Taliban, Al Qaeda, and ISIS. 

Again, I can’t quite put it into words how ridiculous this is. We’ve been groomed to no longer fear Islamist extremism and fear far-right white-supremecist ghosts instead. They have been carefully pushing this narrative since about 2014, and ramped it between 2016 and 2018, when it replaced all irrational public fears of Islamic terrorism. And despite the news cycles and government agencies putting in some hard work constantly shoving fear-mongering propaganda down out throats for half decade, they decided to do away with it overnight. How many people have been on a terrorist watch list because they post videos online with Pepe the Frog and telling people how red-pilled and based they are? It must be tens if not hundreds of thousands. And now they’re most likely going to disappear and be forgotten about, and the 20 to 30 thousand suspected Jihadis MI5 were banging on about back in 2017 will suddenly reappear like magic, ready to blow up your children at bubblegum pop concert. 

Covid-19 has become rather boring and it isn’t as scary as it once was. People are running around town and gobbling genitals like they’re life giving sources of nutrition because the government grounded them for 18 months. They’re not afraid of whatever new variant they decide to talk about this week, they’re bored of it, have heard immunity and unlikely to die. This we know, and this they know, and the legacy media cannot continue with this narrative, one that paid them so handsomely for a year and a half, because nobody is scared. Not even fat people with diabetes. The far right narrative doesn’t work anymore, and in-fact hasn’t worked much at all, because according to the criteria, everyone who voted for Brexit or Trump is considered a potential enemy of state terrorist nutter. That’s half a voting population in both countries, and that half are becoming a lot more savvy about how the debauched media fear machine can’t open their mouths or type on their keyboard without unleashing a diatribe of absolute bullshit. 

The fear machine is out of ideas just like Hollywood. Once it could keep a narrative running for a decade and when it turned a little grey and dull, they’d find an even deadlier and scarier foe to throw into the mix to restart the fear fire all over again. They did it with communism and terrorism with ease. When Al Qaeda stopped being sexy, they found ISIS, and ISIS were fucking scary as fuck. It’s similar to big Hollywood blockbusters that clog up your cognition with useless twat gunk, every new installment of a franchise needs a bigger, badder foe with bigger, and more devastating stakes. This is true of the Avengers films, which ramp up the stakes like crazy, from the world being in danger, to all of space and time by the third and fourth piece of plop, I mean film. But Hollywood runs out of ideas, and often they’ll resort to rebooting a franchise as they just don’t have any original ideas and are terrified of failure. This use to involve just making a new film after a short period of time, as if the last film didn’t happen. Now they’ve found a trick where they’ll reboot a franchise almost two days after the last one failed, but repackage it as something progressive by making Spiderman a cross-dressing Ugandan with one hand and down-syndrome. 

So, just like Hollywood, the media resorted to nostalgia as a last gasp desperate effort to conjure up paralyzing fear to inject into the masses. Hollywood runs parallel to the fear machine, they often carry out tasks for the machine with their uninspiring plop reels disguised as cinematic art. The Taliban have returned to power some-how rebranded as progressive, because apparently they’ll allow women to open their mouths and scream when they’re gang raping them. Al Qaeda are back, and pretty much the same as they were, a fabrication. And ISIS have come back as reboot, called ISIS K, which doesn’t exactly stir the imagination, but we’re not dealing with talented people here, this is the legacy media fear machine. 

As it turns out ISIS have had a presence in Afghanistan for a number of years, I discovered this by searching out a history of articles and TV reports on them that no-one cared about at the time. But who are they really? And why are they now the most deadly organisation, so deadly that they’re discussing teaming up with the Taliban to defeat them! This is what happened during World War 2, when allies teamed up with Stalin’s USSR to defeat Hitler, and I suppose the Taliban haven’t killed as many of it’s people as Stalin has yet so it’s ok. 

You might want me to tell you what the hell is really going on, and I’d like to know myself, but then I remember it doesn't matter. You only need to know that you must ignore it at all costs. The terrorism will become real again, and covid-19 will disappear. It’s not like covid-19 will actually just vanish, because terrorism didn’t, it’s just the funny little trick the fear machine like to play on you. If they’re not constantly screaming “be scared, be scared, be fucking scared” at you from their platforms, then the media machine itself ceases to exist, and that’s only good for your mental health and not good for their investors and handlers. Only the fear exists when they want it to exist, everything else might as well not exist because when you don’t get bombarded by their depraved narrative every minute of the day through to eternity you don’t even know about any problems existing.

We must not forget, and the media fear machine suspects we haven’t, that Al Qaeda, the bygone name for terrorist bogeymen, never really existed. It was a loose, and emphasis on the word loose, collective and network of like minded nutters in the middle east and beyond who hate the west and love Allah. The neo-cons dreamed up all of Al Qaeda’s strengths and cunning ways, expertly creating a new fear narrative that would allow them to stomp around the world and drone strike goat herders in the name of valor, justice and for the forces of good. In their minds they’re the Avengers, and whatever horrific crimes they commit against humanity are done so in the name of pure good, combatting the forces of pure evil.

The fact that we know Al Qaeda is as close to a myth as Merlin the wizard should put the current age of paranoia and conspiratorial suspicion in perspective. I cannot blame or cast judgement on anyone who doesn’t actually believe covid-19 is real and it’s all a hoax to control us and inject us with evil nano-bots and 5G aids. Because the people in power, the ones who claim they are doing all these things to keep us safe, are the very same people who launched countless wars and imprisoned countless innocent Muslims in order to keep us safe from a mighty terrorist organization that they fabricated. An organization apparently that has apparently miraculously returned from the grave. How are we supposed to trust anything done by people who clearly hold is in such low regard that they fear monger us into believing in mythical enemies. They treat us like we’re stupid and have nothing but contempt for us, so it really is time you started ignoring everything that they say, that’s the only way you take away the power of fear mongering bullies.

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