March 2021

Knowledge & Ignorance Podcast Episode Twenty Eight – Why Twitter Needs To Be Banned

Banning a platform isn’t something I’m fully behind, but I am aware that opioids and asbestos are really bad for us, so I’m kind ok with them being illegal. Twitter isn’t just destructive for mental health, but unlike other social media platforms, it carries way more clout and power.

Cancel culture and the restrictions of freedom is a result of a catastrophic reaction to a global mental health crisis, predominantly being experienced by young women and escalated by the men who "support" them.

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a police woman cries at a funeral

Police Propaganda Pulls Heart Strings For Harpers Law

Police Propaganda Pulls Heart-strings For Harpers Law

In the wake of another protest turning into a somewhat “spirited” affair, I have found myself exposed to more people helping the machine spread its tasteless propaganda over the Joe and Jane Average social media landscape that we know as Facebook. I understand that my home country has been hit with a new law about peaceful protests, I haven’t deep dived into this subject because I have never had any interest in protest since the biggest one in my memory - against the invasion of Iraq - did fuck all. I have seen mutterings about those who say it’s a violation of the rights we have in a liberal democracy, perpetuated by those who have no idea that they don’t have any proper rights and that democracy is the biggest scam of our lifetime. Then you have the useless useful idiots who will tell you that the bill is good and gives Police better powers to stop the idiots (I know, idiots calling people idiots is totes-hilair) from ruining everything for the rest of them. That thing that is being ruined is their unconditional love affair with being enslaved, they love slavery so much that they demand you get booted in the head by Officer Over-Zealous for daring to challenge its greatness. 

It doesn’t matter who is for or against this bill or for or against the Police, most of them are just cogs in a machine and their only purpose is to perpetuate the narrative chosen for them. All roads lead to Rome, and in Rome you do as your bloody told. So I don’t care about this bill, they pick and choose which protests they agree with and let happen anyway, no law is going to tear down the blatant one rule for us and one rule for them standard. It is of-course highly amusing that a protest against a bill that wants to stop peaceful protests from turning violent would turn very violent. But we’re not dealing with rational and free-thinking people anymore, we’re in the midst of a phenomenal global mental health crisis, one that is encouraged by cowards and grifters. 

I’m not wading into this shit show, that would be foolish because it will not solve any problems. This is a good opportunity to shed light on how wonderful and sophisticated Western propaganda is. We, as liberal and super chill western folk, believe that propaganda is the reserve for exotic nutter countries like North Korea or Eritrea. Nations that get bombarded with lunacy about how their leaders are able to jump over mountains with a single bound, or wrestle a mountain lion with one arm tied under their gooch. The reason this looks like propaganda and ours looks like news, love songs, comedy panel shows and action movies is because ours is so superior that you don’t even notice, you need a well trained eye and ear for this mastery in brain twisting.

Now some goon will shout “this is blatant supremacy talk from a position of privilege” and that would be the expected reaction from someone whose brain has been completely frazzled by sophisticated western propaganda. We don’t have or need tannoys blasting talk of how great teh government is doing whilst we’re surrounded by the very clear counter evidence of children without limbs crawling in gutters of toxic waste, we just have stuff like “stay home, save lives, protect the NHS”. That one is beautifully snappy and easy to remember, perfect for our modern conditioning, a conditioning that has gifted us the 8 second attention span average. 

The piece of propaganda I was assaulted with on Facebook was just horrid. It’s the worse kind you can get, tasteless and manipulative that can easily trigger strong emotional responses. It’s the kind of filth that if you question its blatant evil it is you that is labelled evil. It’s perfect.

This a post by One Police UK, a community page set to show support for the British Police. It says it’s not a real poilice service and has no links to any police service. It doesn’t really matter, in a world where the propaganda is so sophisticated and ingrained, you end up being a propaganda agent without even getting paid for the privilege. That’s a great system, one that Putin must be so envious of (in your face tiny-eyes). What this post does is deplorable and yet so applaudable for its majestic splendour. It was put out just as the dust is settling around the “spirited” protest in Bristol. I use the term “spirited” because that is what you should says about a protest that is violent, but if it’s one you are ok with, otherwise you call it a thug-riot.

The post details comments made by a lady named Lissie Harper, who was married to PC Andrew Harper who was tragically killed by a three individuals in 2019. Harper had been caught up on a rope used by trio to tow a stolen quad bike behind their car. He was dragged for about a mile. The three offenders were charged with manslaughter, with the named leader of the group three, Henry Long, being sentenced to 16 years in jail. Now 16 years is a lot for manslaughter, but this is described as an injustice and he should be serving longer. Why? Because this propaganda piece is supporting Harper Law, which a troublesome yet predictable reaction to such incidents, and you are going to support it because Lissie Harper is telling a tear-jerking story. You see, March 22nd would have been PC Harpers birthday, and his widow is detailing about what they would have been doing to celebrate. This stirs up so much emotion about loss and the pain that drags along behind you. She says she would have spoiled him rotten on this day, but instead she must spend a “solemn day with my family” and trying to hold it together. How we weep when we read this, because we are not bloody monsters, though I will be labelled a monster for calling this out. Lissie Harpers pain is real, but using pain to justify this law, just wait, is not going to fly. 

The post goes on and one about her pain, then it tells you about how the trio of lads who were responsible were given substandard sentences. These sentences inspired Lissie to campaign for Harpers law. And this law is even more brilliant, because the Police are here on this earth to protect us and those who harm those who protect us need extra protection. But of-course, all men are equal, but some our more equal than others. The role of the Police is to uphold the law, whatever that law may be, to pursue and bring justice to those who break the law and to keep the Queen’s peace and protect property. Remember that it’s only the law that determines what is wrong in their eyes, not morals, not values, not injustice. To believe in the fantasy that the Police are here to protect us is a naive thing to do, they are here to keep the peace, that’s about it. Giving the Police protected status is just insanity, but it’s insanity that most of Joe and Jane average, including the edge lords who don’t realise they are Joe and Jane Average’s, love to support and re-enforce. 

Harper’s law means that if any person is found guilty of killing someone who works in emergency services, such as Police officers, firefighters, nurses, doctors, paramedics or prison officers, as direct result of a crime they have committed, they will be jailed for life. They say this will be a strong deterrent and appropriate punishment for such crimes. I don’t need to go into great detail about why this is a bad idea, you should be able to figure that out for yourself, and if you can’t, then what you are here for?

Murder is bad, manslaughter is different, and all human’s are supposedly equal. Giving preference to individuals who are already in positions of power is nightmare land business. Any one of those professionals can make one decision, whether good, bad, or incompetent, that can change our entire lives for the bad. To elevate their status in society even further with a law that states their lives are worth more than yours is not something I will ever stand behind, and I don’t care for how many heart strings you pull, wrong is wrong.

What happened to PC Harper was wrong, a Police officers death carrying more jail time is wrong. That’s not an equal playing field, that lovely myth they convinced you exists. The Police have enough powers in life, we shouldn’t be giving them more powers in death. This piece of goes on to lay out the law and how it should be supported to “protect” those who, and this is what they must reckon, give more to society. It ends with “I am reminded constantly of the dangers faced in this world. From people of all kinds. This only goes to cement my perseverance and dedication to protecting the heroic, selfless and good people who only want to keep our country sae… this is all for them.” That’s very moving, but it’s the same as when my father died and I asked the flight attendant to massage my feet in her underwear because “my dad just died though.”

Calling this out does me no favours, Lissie Harpers pain is real, I can only look like an arsehole now. But this manipulation of emotions to pass horrendous laws is abhorrent and their tactics are tasteless. My values and moral compass are doing just fine, and therefore I have no issue being labelled a scumbag by people who are scumbags or manipulated by scumbags. But this is very sweet propaganda all the same, you don’t have my support or love, but you do have some admiration for your craft.

Knowledge & Ignorance Podcast Episode Twenty Seven – Mental Health Pandemic Safe Space

Cancel culture and the restrictions of freedom is a result of a catastrophic reaction to a global mental health crisis, predominantly being experienced by young women and escalated by the men who "support" them.

Cancel culture and the restrictions of freedom is a result of a catastrophic reaction to a global mental health crisis, predominantly being experienced by young women and escalated by the men who "support" them.

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